• 3 Faqs Regarding Kidney Dialysis

    Kidney disease can eventually cause your kidneys to lose all functionality. When this happens, they can no longer remove waste and toxins from your body, allowing them to buildup. At this stage in kidney disease, your doctor will likely recommend dialysis. If you are nervous about starting dialysis, check out these three frequently asked questions. What Types of Dialysis Are Available? There are two types of dialysis from which to choose: hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.
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  • The Advantages Of Needle-Free CSTDs In A Medical Setting

    The administration of some types of pharmaceuticals can pose a risk to the environment and the people in it, which is why CSTDs, or Closed System Transfer Devices, are the norm in modern medical treatment settings. As a bonus, many modern CSTDs are made needle-free, which means they connect between the medication being administered and an IV without a necessary puncture of the receiving unit. While most medical staff are familiar with CSTDs, many have no idea why they are so important.
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