3 Great Tips To Utilize When Searching For A Catheter Bag Holder For A Wheelchair

Posted on: 24 September 2019


If you use a wheelchair on a daily basis and also require a catheter, then you'll need to invest in a catheter bag holder. These holders come in all sorts of shapes and designs, but you can make the right purchase by keeping these selection tips in mind. 

Choose the Right Size

Probably the most important aspect of this catheter bag holder selection is size. Getting this attribute wrong will pretty much defeat the purpose of investing money in this type of medical equipment. Fortunately, finding the right bag size won't be difficult.

You simply need to take measurements of your catheter bag. You can do this yourself or have someone gather these dimensions for you. Once you have them, you can look online for catheter bag holders for wheelchairs that can support these figures comfortably. 

Opt For Durable Straps

One of the most important components of a catheter bag holder for wheelchairs is the strap on each end. The straps wrap underneath the wheelchair and they need to be durable. If they're not, then the bag holder could come loose and cause all sorts of problems as you move forward.

There are several giveaways that indicate durable straps. Thick materials is one of them. The thicker the straps are, the less likely they'll tear. Also look for straps that have been double stitched with cross patterns. The stitching will be more likely to hold up and keep the straps from coming apart at the seams. 

Look at Client Testimonials

So that you have a pretty good idea of the quality of a catheter bag holder for your wheelchair, go through some client testimonials. You need to see what people who actually have experience using these bag holders feel about different brands and models. 

When looking these testimonials over, pay attention to how each client felt about the bag holder's construction, ease of use, durability, and holding effectiveness. If you see mostly positive reviews regarding each one of these factors, then you can feel confident about going with the exact same catheter bag holder. You're not taking that big of a risk with your selection, ultimately.

Catheters play an important role for individuals who've lost the ability to urinate on their own. If you have one and are confined to a wheelchair, you need a bag holder for the catheter. As long as you put emphasis on the right details, you can make a wise medical investment. 

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