Sell Safe Strips: What To Look For When Selling Secondhand Diabetic Test Strips

Posted on: 5 February 2019


Doctors and companies are doing what they can to provide affordable diabetic test strips for their patients, but many still find the price insurmountable, especially if they need to buy a lot. This has driven many to look online for secondhand test strips. The sale of secondhand strips is legal as of early 2019, but if you're someone who wants to sell diabetes test strips that have accumulated in your home, you can take steps to ensure that your strips go to a company that has patient safety as its top priority.

Proper Storage

Work with companies that want strips that have been stored properly. Some companies out there will buy any old strips, even if they were stored in conditions that could destroy the enzymes on the strips. Find out how the company verifies that the strips were stored properly, and also be sure that the company buys only strips that were cleared for use in the United States.

Unopened Packaging

Any strips you sell should be in unopened packaging — not sealed packaging because opened packaging can be resealed, so it technically counts as sealed; your strips should be completely unopened. That shows the company that you haven't tampered with the strips. Plus, it also shows that the company is concerned about acquiring only those strips that are safe to use. Remember, you're trying to send strips to people who need them for a serious reason. Give those people the best quality you can.

Time Before Expiration

Diabetic test strips have expiration dates. Each strip contains enzymes that help process the blood sample so the meter can read the level of blood glucose in the sample. These enzymes do expire, and once they do, a meter won't give accurate results. Any strips you sell need to be unexpired, and any strips the company buys should be unexpired. (In other words, don't sell to companies that ignore expiration dates.) Also be sure there is ample time for the strips to be used up. If you have a pack of 100 strips, for example, be sure the expiration date allows the average user to easily use up all 100 strips before expiration.

Many companies that buy secondhand strips are not really in it for the money — they want to get affordable strips to people who need them. These companies will have high standards for the strips they buy. Ensure that yours meet those requirements, and you'll help a lot of people.

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