Five Products To Help You Boost Accuracy In Your Lab Or Clinic Tests And Experiments

Posted on: 5 January 2017


Accuracy is critical when you're performing medical experiments or tests. Luckily, there are lots of tools and supplies, you can use to boost accuracy levels. Here are some of the items you want to consider for your medical lab or clinic.

Sample Vials

The right sized vial allows you to easily measure whatever fluids you are working with. You can buy quartz, pyrex, or glass vials in a range of sizes to boost accuracy.

The material you select also affects the accuracy of your results. In particular, you need to think about how the vials hold heat and how transfered heat may impact your sample. This is particularly true when using vials with mass spectrometry supplies that generates heat around the vials.

Certified Solution Standards

Rather than mixing your own solutions and risking errors, you may want to look into purchasing certified solutions standards. These are pre-mixed solutions that are certified by a medical supply company. The certification process ensures that the solutions contain exactly the amount of each ingredient you need, in exactly the right quantities.In addition, these solution standards come in small ampoules so that you can integrate them into your processes as needed.

Certified solutions can be prepared in bulk, and they can come with sealed containers packaged under argon. This boosts the length of time you can store these solutions without worrying about issues or evaporation.

Certified Reference Materials

In other cases, you may not want to augment your certified solutions with certified reference materials. These materials help you to standardize the testing processes in your clinic or medical lab. For example, if you run lab tests, everyone needs to be on the same page to ensure that you have consistency with your results.

Certified reference materials allow you to achieve this level of accuracy. When you order custom reference materials, the medical supply company creates reference materials just for your facility. These materials outline your calibration methods, they explain the gravimetric preparation steps, and they cover any other relevant details in your testing processes including how to clean up the supplies.

When all of this information is spelled out in a custom reference manual, your employees always have access to the information they need. This helps to ensure that they don't skip steps, measure an item incorrectly, or use the wrong calibration methods.

These reference materials can also contain information about training and proficiency programs. If you have a lot of turnover, that can be essential to streamline your training process and to track which employees are certified to perform which tests.

Data Posters

Sometimes, accessing information in a custom reference material can be cumbersome, especially in the midst of an experiment. For this reason, you may want to invest in data posters. These can also be customized, and they integrate the topline ideas from your certified custom reference manuals.

Data posters are a great way to remind workers about the steps involved. This too can help to keep your workers on track, and ultimately, that serves to boost the accuracy of your test results.

Air Monitoring Supplies

Most of the products listed here are explicitly involved in testing, but if you're concerned about accuracy, you have to consider other elements as well. In particular, you need to consider your environment. If you have too much dust, humidity, toxins, or other elements in the air, that can throw off the accuracy of your results. To increase accuracy, you may want to monitor the air in your facility with air monitoring supplies such as vacuum sampling pumps and accessories.

For more tips on which supplies can help you boost accuracy, contact a medical supply company directly.